• Overview: Oar dryer is low speed churned drier that equipped oars inside equipment. The damp raw material is churned to ample conecting wigh hot carry and the surface, its structure can ehoruzontal.
  • Overview: TG series cylinder operation principle of desiccator to let liquid or mud form supplies form the membrane in steam or other hot cylinder surface that carrier heated.
  • Overview: Pigment belt dryer factory is designed and developed products, professional for pigment industry a variety of material drying, a successful alternative to previously by oven drying technology
  • Overview: CF series mill is a kind of novel, advanced grinding equipment, widely used in chemical, plastic, medicine, dye, pesticide, paint, food industries such as crushing material.
  • Overview: The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, a grinding and dust collection as a whole new generation of crushing equipment.
  • Overview: The MTM series impact crusher is my company developed and produced with a convertible grinding tool impact type pulverizer.
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