• Overview: QG Series Airsteam Drier could meet different need of raw materials. The powder material is improved quickly in pipe by hot air.
  • Overview: JG Series Airsteam dryer is suitable for the raw materials that contains high moisture and appear paste state and other raw materials.
  • Overview: FG series airsteam dryer is used for drying granule and powder raw materials for foodstuff, chemical, pharmaceutical and construction materials and so on.
  • Overview: The vessel rotates to continuously change the heating surface of materials. With the high speed and even drying, it has no pollution to material and is operated and cleaned easily. In addition, the optimizely-designed seal has good sealing effect and convenient mainetance.
  • Overview: The material is sprayed into exiguity fog by nozzle on the top of tower.Follow the heat wind, the material is dried. The machine’s characteristic is high collect drit, no past, economizing energy, high effect, and wide used in food, dyestuff, chemical industry and so on.
  • Overview: The flash dryer is used to dry paste material,cake material and it is an instant flash dryer,also it is hig.
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