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CF Series of Ultra-fine Pulverizer

Product Name:CF Series of Ultra-fine Pulverizer

Keywords:Ultra-fine Pulverizer, Pulverizer
Overview:CF series mill is a kind of novel, advanced grinding equipment, widely used in chemical, plastic, medicine, dye, pesticide, paint, food industries such as crushing material.


CF series mill is a kind of novel, advanced grinding equipment, widely used in chemical, plastic, medicine, dye, pesticide, paint, food industries such as crushing material.
The unit is mainly composed of crushing host, auxiliary equipment ( including a cyclone dust collector, bag filter, fan ), aggregate pipeline, electric control devices and other components, and other mill compared with the technical performance and stability, product temperature is low, uniform particle size, low noise, less power consumption, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, wide application range features.

Material in the spiral feeding machine into the crushing chamber, by grinding the blade impact and shear, but also by the eddy current generated by the high-frequency vibration was crushed, and crushed powder under the action of negative pressure, across the shunt coil into the classifying chamber, because the classifier wheel rotates in high speed to generate powder at the same time by the air force, gravity and the centrifugal force, when the powder can not cross the grading impeller, the powder did not reach certain fineness is thrown to the separation ring returns to the grinding chamber smash, smash qualified powder by air force into a feeding pipe is discharged after being.

1.This machine is a vertical shaft impact crusher in the crushing chamber, a grading device, the pulverized material under the action of airflow, the grading device and be collected, classified collection device replaces the usual pulverizer sieve. As a result of winnowing high grading efficiency, thus avoiding the commonly used screen pulverizer emergence of repetitive crushing phenomenon, high crushing efficiency.
2.Under the condition of no stopping, as long as the regulation of the grading impeller speed, you can control the product to the desired particle size, convenient operation, and the product of uniform size, and can recover all of crushing material.
3.The machine has self-cooling function, particularly applicable to plastic, fiber materials and ore crushing material.
4.The transmission system has the advantages of compact structure, novel, long service life.
5.Easy to repair.

Main structure
Crusher is mainly composed of a screw feeder, a crushing chamber, a grading room etc.. The crushing chamber is mainly composed of a crushing cutter and with arc groove grinding tooth ring, a grading room by grading impeller and shunting ring, crushing the rotation speed of the cutter head is fixed, the grading impeller and the feed screw for stepless speed regulation.

Technical parameters

name parameter models



Full power kw

Grinding wheel



The grading impeller



Spiral feeding machine


Wind machine



close Wind machine



Rotational speed r/min

Crushing cutter



The grading impeller



Spiral feeding machine


Air volume m3/h



Grinding fineness um


Yield kg/h



Reference weight kg



Dimensions ( L x W x H)mm



User instructions 
1.Crushing equipment installation, there must be a solid concrete foundation, cannot reverse.
2.When crushed any debris, metal objects may fall into the machine, rotate the part without collision phenomenon, can drive.
3.Crushing fineness does not meet the requirements, through grading regulator.
4.Mill output, fineness and quantity size, reasonable adjust and control the air quantity of air inlets, and ensure that the outlet flow, which can improve the yield and fineness.  (According to the various materials to adjust itself)
5.If the structure is fluctuant, without notifying the user;
6.If there are special requirements, please indicate in the contract. According to user needs to be designed, restructuring.
7.Electrical system must be in strict accordance with the specifications in accordance with.