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FW-400 Series Turbo Grinder

Product Name:FW-400 Series Turbo Grinder

Keywords:FW-400 Turbo Grinder, Grinder
Overview:FW series Turbine Crusher is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, food, light industry and other industries.



FW series Turbine Crusher is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, food, light industry and other industries, apply to the compressive strength is less than 50Mpa, tenacity and fiber diameter less, not more than 10 mm drying the crushed materials. Such as lithopone, titanium dioxide, graphite, carbon black, calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, red, yellow powder, iron oxide red, pearl powder, onion, ginger, garlic powder. Is a multifunctional high fineness grinding machine.


Structure characteristics and working principle

Grinder main structure such as ( a ). The machine has the advantages of compact structure, safe and reliable, simple operation, high production efficiency, convenient installation and repair. Due to the high speed spindle, rotating parts are made of high-quality steel manufacturing, assembly after the test of dynamic balance to achieve stable and reliable operation. The body is made of cast iron, beautiful appearance and good rigidity. Mill feed inlet can be mounted hopper or a disk feeding machine ( another ), to ensure that the material can be continuously and evenly adding machine. The crushed material refined from the housing outlet by a wind input set equipment of powder gas solid separation. In order to ensure the normal operation of crusher, users should be based on the main motor power matching the appropriate electrical control system, through the current sheet feeding load monitoring.

The machine has a common type and type two, ordinary type crusher is widely used. Water cooling type pulverizer body shell and the bearing seat adopts water cooling, the cooling conditions, the spindle bearing temperature rise can be maintained at 30 DEG C, especially suitable for food, herbs and other heat-sensitive materials crushing, the crushed material is in the allowable temperature, can ensure the product quality. At the same time machine is not due to high temperature and easy to wear, causing the metal powder excessive mixed with crushed material in. This machine is mainly used in turbine centrifugal pneumatic principle for material crushing processing. Grinding process of coarse crushing, fine crushing and wind feeding is composed of two parts. The material in the blade under the action of centrifugal force impact crushing. Main shaft bevel cutter and the casing inclined bushing clearance, can control the fineness of grinding material. The crushed material is composed of a casing under the action of the wind outlet into the powder collector, so that airflow and the separation of materials, finished a thick material by powder collector cyclone outlet discharge, powder through the filter bag collection of unloading.


Technical parameters

Model FW-400(Ordinary type) FW-400(Water cooled type)
Spindle speed 3900r/min 3900r/min
Crushing fineness(lithopone) 44um 44um
Yield(lithopone) 480kg.h 480kg/h
Power of motor Y180L-4 22kw Y180L-4 22kw
The air outlet air 2170m3/h(No load) 2170m3/h(No load)
Outlet velocity 35m/s(No load) 35m/s(No load)
Outline dimensions 1100×580×840 1155×640×765
Weight of machine about638Kg about700Kg
Triangle belt size C4064 Five root C4064 Five root

Installation and commissioning

1. mill installation should consult (Figure two ) and ( four), grinder and motor should be a solid concrete foundation. Start to identify host rotation direction, cannot reverse.
2. feed production, deal with the hair for a comprehensive inspection, each connecting position should not be loosen phenomenon. The casing may not have any debris, rotate the part without collision phenomenon, can drive, drive production, the mill running a few minutes to feeding.
3. the material fineness fineness regulation: does not meet the requirements, can be adjusted. When adjusting the first remove no outlet casing, loosen the oblique wind wheel locking bolt, press ( Figure two) shows direction regulating inclined blade and casing cable bushing clearance, regulating range according to the fineness of products and production requirements determination. (the factory oblique blade gap 2-3mm, lithopone grinding fineness of up to 44um ( 320 eye ), yield of 480KG / h above), and the dental plate and the side blade side tooth plate gap can not be adjusted.
4. yield regulation: mill yield and volume and fineness have close relationship, when the product fineness requirement is high, can reduce the material inlet side air inlet air flow, improve the fineness; such as yield, reduce the fineness requirements, reasonable adjust inlet side air inlet air flow, and ensure the discharge port is expedite.


Matters needing attention

1.When in installation, grinder and the motor must have a solid foundation, operation does not allow clear vibration.
2.This machine is of high speed running of equipment, prohibit any non grinding material into the machine, to prevent mechanical damage.
3.The body shell all the connecting bolts are used for heat forging rough bolt, in replacement of wearing parts, unfinished bolts are not allowed to use cold-hit bolts instead, preventing nut from loosening of mechanical damage.
4.When using regular inspection of bearing oil storage volume and temperature. Each class at least once a refueling, plus 3 # lithium grease; water-cooled type should check whether the normal flow of circulating water, bearing temperature. The highest temperature rise of 40 degrees of ordinary type, water cooling type temperature rose 30 degrees.
5.In normal use after a period of time, such as crushing fineness is not up to the requirements, should check the blade, dental plate and oblique bushing wear degree, timely adjusted or replaced, rotating parts wearing parts should be replaced to ensure complete sets, the stability of pulverizer.
6.When crushed should always clean up powder collecting device of pipeline and the bag in the remaining material, keep the wind dispersion good and discharging fluid.
7.When crushed main motor can not be sustained overload, such as abnormal cases, should immediately stop check.

The main wearing parts list

Part name Side blade Leaf plate Helical blade Dental plate Side tooth plate Cable bushing The lying board ( blade ) D6311Bearing
Number 6Block 6Block 6Block 4Block 4Block 1Set 6Block Ordinary type 4 set
Water cooling type 2 set

The user need to know

1.I plant the production of FW - 400 type turbine pulverizer, the user must specify the ordering machine type, if there are special requirements shall be in the book loan note.
2.If any structural alterations, without notifying the user.
3.I plant factory disintegrator without disassembly is manufacturing quality problems, I plant is responsible for repair or replacement.
4.Because the user is installed by using the damage caused by improper, our factory can help users to repair.
5.The implementation of standards for Q / 320421WHJ001 - 1997" FW - 400 type turbine pulverizer".
6.For feeding machine or a powder collecting device, the other to our factory to obtain information.